Annalisa Sacchi and “The Unforgivables” at the first EASTAP conference in Paris


On Friday October 26th, INCOMMON principal investigator Annalisa Sacchi will present part of our research project at the first conference of the European Association for the Study of Theatre and Performance (EASTAP).

The conference, titled Decentering the vision(s) of Europe: The Emergence of New Forms will take place in Paris on 25-26-27 October at the Théâtre de la Cité .

Her paper, titled The Unforgivables Italian performance artists of the 70s and the ‘minority’ theatre, will explore the connections between militants of workerism and performance artists of the 1970s  in the attempt to articulate a radical ‘minority theatre,’ capable to deconstruct the institutional narratives around subaltern subjects (Lumpenproletariat, patients of mental asylums, migrants, sex workers, etc.).

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