INCOMMON at the Performance Studies International Conference 2018 (5th July 2018)


Thursday, July 5 Stefano Tomassini and Stefano Brilli will present the ongoing work of INCOMMON at the international conference of the Performance Studies International Association (PSI) in Daegu, South Korea.

Stefano Tomassini will present part of his research on the Orlando Furioso by LucaRonconi and  Edoardo Sanguineti in a paper entitled THE FURIOUS NETWORK: Performing the Common from Spoleto to New York (1969 – 1970), while Stefano Brilli will talk about the theoretical and methodological challenges in researching relations and  communal practices within the Italian performing arts  scene of the Sixties and Seventies in Italy, presenting a paper titled Connectivity or commonality? Exploring the networks of shared creativity in the Italian performing arts scene of the 1960s – 1970s.